Discover how Catholic leadership principles can transform the way you lead at school, 在你的教区, 在社区中.

营日期: 2024年6月9日至14日

BCYC领导 is a Catholic summer leadership camp for high school students who want to become successful leaders in every part of their life, while prioritizing their Catholic 信仰. 学生s choose a leadership area that they want to focus on 和 get trained in Catholic leadership principles 和 practices related to that area. In addition to their leadership training courses, students engage in small group Bible Studies, 弥撒和祈祷, plus numerous activities like capture the flag, 跳舞, 泡沫足球, all on Benedictine College’s beautiful campus in Atchison, 堪萨斯.

A Benedictine College experience of 社区, 信仰奖学金!

A BCYC participant speaks at the whiteboard in class

Gain 生活long Skills 和 Become a Better Leader.

BCYC participants listen to a presentation in an auditorium

A BCYC participant speaks using a microphone

BCYC benediction in the Abbey

Grow 关闭r to Christ with 祈祷 和 the Sacraments.

BCYC men's bible study circle outside

BCYC participants listen to a presentation in Guadalupe Chapel

BCYC  participants playing pass-the-water game

Together, Have the Time of Your Lives!

BCYC participants playing a ball game

BCYC close up of two students in a game with inflatable bubble-soccer ball

“Every missionary is so on fire for the lord 和 it is beautiful. Their witness 和 love for God transformed my heart this week.” - Summer 2021 Participant


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Summer 2024 Specialization Tracks

What to Expect at BCYC领导


We know that, as a parent, you are the primary educator 和 nurturer of your child. We want your teen’s life to be transformed in Christ. The parents of our participants notice many benefits of our conferences for their teens including:

  • Developing a sense of God in their daily life- Integrating prayer into their daily lives
  • More positive self-image
  • Greater sense of direction 和 purpose
  • More interest in their 信仰-life
  • Forming genuine friendships based on a common love of Christ

Your child will be under the care 和 guidance of our trained summer staff. This includes our Director of 青少年外展, 牧师, 和 a team of Benedictine College students who spend their summer on mission for our Lord. We want you to know that your child is in the best possible h和s, 和 we know it is our duty 和 privilege to guide your teen as an individual this summer.

Safety 和 Supervision

Benedictine College’s campus is very safe. We are familiar with hosting teens on our campus through our many 信仰 和 sport-based conferences, 和 strive to make our campus a welcoming, safe 社区 for all of our visitors. Every aspect of the campus in the summers is thought of with the visitor in mind specifically:

  • Our dorms are single sex. Men aren’t allowed in the women’s dorms 和 vice versa during the summer months. No one other than our Conferencing 工作人员, 夏天的传教士, 和 other authorized members of the college will be in the dorms during your teen’s stay.
  • 夏天的传教士 stay in the residence Halls 和 serving as resident advisors.
  • All of our Summer Ministry 工作人员 are Virtus trained 和 are up to date with the Archdiocese of 堪萨斯 City 堪萨斯’ regulations on Safe Environment training for the protection of God’s children program.
  • 校园安全, Atchison Police, 和 the Atchison Fire Department all serve the campus 社区.